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Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes

We are Authorized Distributor, Dealer, Supplier of Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes. We also provide Welding Machines On Rental / Hire / Hiring Services and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Diameter 1.5 mm - 4 mm
Length 350 mm
Operating Current AC/DC
ecoHot Heat Pumps

Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes

Specifications :-

Brand AWS Code Application
UTS-N/mm2 E% °C/J
ESAB Ferroarc A5.1 : E 6013 Ideally suited for structural welding, welding of pipe sockets, general welding fabrication, etc. 490 26% 70J
ESAB Ferrospeed plus A5.1 : E 6013 ESAB FERROSPEED PLUS is recommended in applications such as bogies and under-frame of railway carriages and wagons, chimney, construction engineering job, pipe welding, sheet metal fabrication, ship building, steel structures and frame works, truck and bus bodies, tanks, boiler components etc. 500 26% 70J
ESAB Vortic AS.1 : E 6013 ESAB VORTIC is recommended for applications such as bogies and under frames of railway carriages and wagons, boilers and pressure vessels, general engineering constructions, pipe welding, sheet metal fabrications, ship construction steel structure and frameworks, tanks and coaches, trucks, bus frames and bodies, etc. 490 26% 65J
ESAB 28 A5.1 : E 6013 It is recommended for welding structures of varying thickness of MS plates in different type of joints and welding ordinary grade ship steel as well as structural steel of similar strength and composition. Suitable for welding of pipes, bridges, boilers and pressure vessels storage tanks, etc. 500 26% 90J
ESAB Vordian A5.1 : E 6013 ESAB VORDIAN is recommended for applications such as boiler and pressure vessels, bogies and under frame of railway carriages and wagons, bridges and dam construction, cranes, machine building, plate and sheet metal fabrication, ship construction, framework, tankages, pipes, etc. 490 26% 90J
ESAB 46 A5.1 : E 6013 Boiler and pressure vessels, bogies and under frames of carriages and wagons, cranes, shipbuilding, storage tanks, bridges and dams, machine building, heavy structural work, etc. 520 26% 70J

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